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If you're looking for a VO with a professional home studio, fast turnaround times, and is always smiling? Then, I'm your gal!

My specialty is delivering a warm, friendly sound that is more like your best friend, the girl-next-door, or an approachable, confident lady-boss rather than the stereotypical announcer.

I have experience doing it all, from animation and video games, to corporate commercials, informative e-learning narrations, small-business promos, and more.
I bring my background in classical/musical theatre and improv comedy to every character, story, narration, and commercial, and love bringing your words to life!
My home studio setup is A Rode N1 mic with a metal pop filter, Scarlett Solo Interface, Reaper/Adobe Audition/Audacity, and Izotope's RX Standard for audio editing, so you know you'll always get a clean, crisp, beautiful sound! 
Head over to my Voice Over page to hear my demos and other examples of my work, and thanks again for visiting!
Let's make great stories together!
Thank you!
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